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The Light Green Machine Institute

Latest Ideas from the Institute:

We are putting on an extraordinary effort to fill our project committees

Upcoming Challenges making the Light Green Machine Institute more important than ever

Design Practices vs. Standards

Joining the LGMI

March LGMI

A request from you

Digging deeper, Part IV

Digging Deeper, Part III

Digging Deeper, Part II

Digging deeper

Look for correspondence in the next month

Board Survey renders top projects, need to staff the committees

Active Projects--need your help!

Holes in the ground

What I learned on my summer vacation

Still need your help expect surveys out around the end of April.

Need your help

Light Green Machine Principles for old machines

LGMI Needs You!

If it doesn't exist, you don't have to maintain it.

By-Laws Approved

Harrison's Clocks

What is expendable?

News from your Executive Committee

Superleggera Construction

A long time coming...your new board

Hood Doors

Changing Colors

A Year of Promise

Making Progress

How can we help you?

Moving Forward

LGMI's next tasks

Information Meeting on 9 August 21

New Paradigms

A possible course series in Light Green Machine Principles

Why are you here?

Machine Building Width

What do you really need?

Celebrating a win

New Task Group Interest

Lessons from the Dumbwaiter

Join a Task Group

Minimizing Stairs in the Future

Current Task Groups

A further peak at the vision of the Light Green Machine Institute

The New Light Green Machine Institute

Our new website

Changes coming to the Light Green Machine Institute

Will the Coronavirus affect future Pulp and Paper Mill Designs?

The Optimization Problem, 3-D

Chasing a Rabbit in the midst of the Optimization Problem

The Optimization Problem, 2-D

Other ways to shed weight

The Optimization Problem--Clues to Solution, Part 4

The Optimization Problem--Clues to Solution, Part 3

The Optimization Problem--Clues to Solution, Part 2

The Optimization Problem--Clues to Solution

Our Challenge to the Industry

Award available

Light Green Machine has meaning all around your campus

Carbon fiber press frames and rolls

Another reason to go light...

Lightweight Machine Screen

Expanding the scope

The next big thing

LGMI principles not being followed

LGMI refresher course

Light takes on a new urgency

LGMI principles begin long before you break ground

2018 LGMI Technology Tour

Another angle...

Headed to the field for some research

A Yankee comes to Hillsboro


It is the materials

Touching Bases

Where can we obtain ideas?

Materials Plus


Looking at nothing

A twist on wireless

Steam in tanks

Talking tanks

More on tanks: We need some help!

The effect of high operating margins

Unconventional layouts, Safe Tanks

Unconventional Layouts: Part 4

Unconventional Layouts: Part 3

Unconventional Layouts: Part 2

Unconventional Layouts

Steel dryers: A salute to Voith

Perception is a start...

Metallurgical Whimsy


More on steel dryers

Where are the steel dryers and Yankees?

"Lighten" electronics well received

A response

LGMI Recognition

Rewarding Innovation

Early 3-D Opportunities

Wrapping up a Great Conference

Last Chance

Fred's Suction Press Roll

Back by popular demand

New ways of cooking pulp for Linerboard Production

3D Printing Presentation at the LGMI Conference

Jay Hennessey will present on the Pratt Valparaiso, Indiana Mill

Jim stops to answer some questions

7th Annual LGMI Conference at NCSU in October--abstracts continue

7th Annual LGMI Conference at NCSU in October--abstracts continue

7th Annual LGMI Conference at NCSU in October--abstracts continue

7th Annual LGMI Conference at NCSU in October

Is the speed of sound the ultimate bottleneck?

I found really light weight!

More responses on vacuum and weight

Experience in pressure and more

Experience in a vacuum

Advice in a vacuum

Should we be thinking about weight in terms of production--part 3

Should we be thinking about weight in terms of production--part 2

Should we be thinking about weight in terms of production?

Drones will aid LGMI Objectives

The comments keep coming

Smaller buildings elicit big comments

Make the building smaller

Harper Fourdrinier inspires faithful contributor

Should we look to the old to find new ideas?

Ways to get lighter now

We can do better than this

How do we calculate the impact of motive equipment in LGMI?

Can we just eliminate cast iron, please?

What can we learn from Tesla?

Helping the Light Green Machine Institute Grow

Another case for lightweight components

Seeing Clearly, Part 2

Seeing Clearly

Heavy Philosophy, Continued

Heavy Philosophy


Let's talk about maintenance

Has Epson truly built the Light Green Machine?

The Light Green Machine Institute is growing up

A coming unrealized benefit of Drones

Two Phase Pumps?

Planning for the 7th Annual LGMI Conference

CPVC Piping Making Inroads

Stack 'em up

How far behind is the pulp and paper industry on 3-D printing?

When will we print a dryer frame?

Where to use that $999 3-D printer

It is time to embrace Additive Manufacturing

Holes in the ground

Ladder Diagrams

Last Chance



Lightweight Concepts in Rebuilds

More on lightweight structures

What I learned on my summer vacation

Taking the atmosphere out of the press section

Why is the wet end still exposed to the atmosphere?

Considering atmospheric conditions once again

6th Annual Conference

Applications 22: Control Systems, continued

Applications 21: Control Systems

Board Visits: A way to lighten your mill

Applications 20: Fasteners

Materials 11: Printing your paper machine

Vertical Machine: Back to the Future

First drone siting

Passionate about steel dryers

Back to the future: Steel dryers

"Exotic" Materials

Steps towards your own Light Green Machine

Applications 19: Controlling and Measuring Quality

Applications 18: Segregation, Part 2

Applications 17: Segregation

Applications 16: Chop Broke?

Applications 15: The Distribution of Electrical and Control Systems

Applications 14: The Magnetic Press

Materials 10: Plastic Ropes

Materials 9: Where else can we use plastics?

Applications in Use 13: Platforms and Ladders

Safety Stand-down

Applications in Use 12: Information is Cheap

Applications in Use 11: Quality and Spares

Applications in Use 10: More on installed spares

Applications in Use 9: Should you remove installed spares?

Applications in Use 8: Learn from the Animals

Materials 8: Hydrophobic Metal

Setting the stage, Part 2

Setting the stage

More on bad practices


A bad practice

A start

Agitation (and Aluminum) continue

Mass security rumbles on

More on mass security

Does mass equal security?

Dynamic Weight

A lot to think about

Already done

A pause for an inspiration

Applications in Use VII: It adds up

Application in Use VI: Why so tall?

Applications in Use V: Installed Spares

The 5th Annual Light Green Machine Institute Conference Details

Applications in Use IV: Planetary Gear Boxes

Applications in Use III: Back to Steel Dryers again...

Applications in Use II: PVC and CPVC Piping

Applications in Use IA: Steel Dryer Cans

Applications in Use I: Steel Dryer Cans

The 5th Annual Light Green Machine Institute Conference Details

Technology 8: Electrostatic Forming?

Materials 7: Follow the automobile's lead

What is our purpose?

Technology 7: The Forming Section Environment

Materials 6: Paper Hoods

Materials 5: Plastic Headboxes

Conference Questions: Week 3 of 3

Conference Questions: Week 2 of 3

Conference Question: Week 1 of 3

Call for Papers

Maintenance 1: Larger assemblies

Methods 3: Recycling Collection

Materials 4: More Structures

Materials 3: Structures

Technology 6: Just thinking

Technology 5: What should we do about the headbox?

Technology 4: More uses for RPAs

Technology 3: Be still, my wire!

Technology 2: Vertical Paper Machines

Computerization 6: Brain Games

Technology 1: Paper Pills

Computerization 5: Cheap Detection

Computerization 4: Ropes, the last frontier

I don't care

Computerization 3: Amazon Flow

Computerization 2: Google Glass

Materials 2 Hoods

Computerization 1--Not reliable

Materials 1 FRP Pipe

Methods 2

Methods 1

New Frontiers


LGMI's Mission

Low cost 3-D printing in steel

Light Green After the Fact

Google Glass

Khan Academy

Vibration Harvesting

Next Generation Predictive Analytics

Ready for industry?

Navizon and LiFi

Old but new

Visual event capture

KPI's on your wrist

Structure Sensor: Cheap 3-D information capture


Stock Preparation Systems

Effluent Systems



Reels and Winding


Sizing & Coating Kitchens




Recycled Fiber Prep

Continuous Pulping

Batch Pulping


Prep for the 5th LGMI Conference January 2014

Topless Tanks

Side Hill Screens

Concrete vs. Steel

Heat Transfer Fluids

Vacuum Blowers

Grating Mezzanines

Electromagnetic Press Rolls

Cantilevered Dryers

Variable Speed Pump Drives

Faster versus wider

Steel and Aluminum Dryers

Shaking the Wire

Planetary Gearboxes

High Voltage Systems

FRP Tanks

PVC Air Piping

Lightweight aggregate concrete

Felted Dryer Drives with integral motor pulleys

Fabric Roofs

CPVC Dryer Bearing Drains

Foundation Dependent Design Practice

LGMI Plans for 2013

All Energy is Process Energy

Toy helicopters piloted by brainwaves

Getting started on "printing" your own parts -- it's time

You can get these sent directly to your email each week by going joining the Light Green Machine Institute here for free.


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